Timeless Coffee El Salvador Las Animas

This month I’m reviewing Timeless Coffee El Salvador Las Animas. This coffee was really enjoyable and I actually carried it back and forth from my house to the farm most of the month.

I love their packaging. It reminds me of the book covers of my current favorite author (Paolo Bacigalupi). There are metallic accents and it was just enjoyable to look at without being over the top.

The brewing methods I used were the French Press, the Chemex, and my newest toy a Capresso Espresso maker. I’m still tinkering with the settings on the espresso maker, so I’m not really going to talk about that yet. It’s my opinion that the Chemex worked best with this coffee, but the French Press was not disappointing.

The coffee had a really nice bloom and a nice sweet smell. Even though I enjoy cream in my coffee, this was quite good black. The tasting notes for the coffee say you should taste baked brown sugar, walnut, and baker’s chocolate. Baker’s chocolate is normally bitter, so I don’t taste that at all. It was definitely nutty though. While it didn’t taste “sugary” it was “sweet” as far as coffee goes. The only time I experience bitterness with this coffee was with the espresso maker and that was completely my fault!

I have a few cups of this left to brew and I will be disappointed to see it gone. Also if you ever get the chance to visit their store in Oakland, California their bakery case looks amazing! (There’s a picture on their website.) I highly recommend this coffee.

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