Death Wish Coffee

This month I’ll be reviewing Death Wish Coffee. It’s advertised as the world’s strongest coffee.

The packaging was pretty enjoyable and they sent a free sticker! I ended up with two bags of coffee because of a mistake when ordering. I got both a bag of whole beans and a bag of pre-ground. They came packaged in a black cardboard box with the logo.

As I always do with a new coffee I looked up if the company had a suggested brewing method. They do. I do not agree with their method of brewing–2 tablespoons to 6 ounces of water. That. Is. Crazy. My initial thoughts on this were, “Well of course if you use that much coffee it’s going to have more caffeine.” The amount of coffee barely fit in the Chemex. I redid my math. Still the same. I consulted internet friends. Still the same. I made the coffee. It was strong. Black and inky. Like it had been in the pot since morning, but still piping hot.

You know that face you make when you take the first sip of a liquor? That’s the face I made when I took a drink of this stuff. The next drink was better, but not enjoyable. I watered it down and it tasted pretty good. I normally drink coffee with cream, but I enjoy this coffee better without.

The next time I made this coffee I made it at my normal ratio. It’s a pretty good coffee. The most caffeine though… I was drinking a cup at 8pm one night and Dad asked me, “Isn’t that going to keep you up?” My response? “Nope, never.” I recalled that conversation as I was staring at my ceiling at 1 in the morning.

It’s weird. It doesn’t give me an initial buzz, but hours later I am -wired-.

My favorite way to brew this coffee was as cold brew. I’ve gone through a lot of this coffee with that brewing method. In fact I’ll be making more tonight.

As far as cost goes, it’s not terribly expensive as far as higher end coffee goes–especially when you consider it is sold in 16 ounce bags instead of 10 or 12 ounce bags. If you brew it as they say to (which I don’t recommend) it is terribly expensive. If you’re a die hard caffeine addict I think it’s worth a try at least once.

I’ve had two 16 oz. cups of cold brew today, so I’ll be up late if you want to leave a comment!

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  1. Stephanie
    Stephanie says:

    Hello! This is definitely for hardcore coffee drinkers and night shift people! Love the taste once in a while, but I couldn’t drink it continuously either. My brother and father love it though!


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