Spring will be here soon, right?


I’m failing terribly at one of my 2017 goals of posting to the blog 3 times a week. It’s only March though, so I have time for improvement.

A few weeks ago we had some flooding. My street and backyard were flooded which receded pretty quickly. The farm flooded from the creek almost to the chicken coop. I’m sure the woods are still a swampy mess. This spring the village is wanting to put in a new drainage tile which will affect my gardening efforts.

I’ve been trying to use my planner more for keeping track of things and keeping myself organized. I even made a page for the coffee measurements I always have to look up. I always have my planner with me, so I’m hoping that will save me a little bit of time here and there.

We tore out the walls and ceiling on the front sunporch which will now be the office. Between the three of us there are now new ceiling joists, insulation, and electric. Drywall coming soon!

Mom bought me a whiteboard for freezer inventory. I emptied all three freezers at the farm and wrote down what was in them. Now as we remove something it gets erased. I filled the entire whiteboard and now need an additional one for the two freezers at my house where keep bulk meat and produce.

Spring chicks and seeds have been ordered. The seeds should be here anytime, and the chicks will be here the week of May 15.

Mom and I taught a class this past Saturday as an introduction to paper crafting. We created a mini album, a card, covered candy, a paper mache shamrock, and a covered clothespin. All of the attendees had a great time.

I travel this time of year for work and am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I get to head home today though which is good. Monday when I drove in there was a snowstorm. Not too bad, but it’s bitterly cold. Before I go I’m going to stop at a great yarn store called Knitting Off Broadway. (And spend money I shouldn’t spend.)

Stay warm and remember spring is coming soon!

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