We Are Not Bird People

We are not bird people, and yet, we ended up with two parakeets. Two very noisy, messy parakeets.

Maggie, the green one, had either escaped or been let loose where we go camping every year. By the perseverance of the grandchild of a friend, she was caught and came to live here. How that came to be is a story for another day.

So we had this parakeet at the end of last summer. We went and bought her a cage, food, treats, dishes, etc, etc, etc. I sewed her a custom cover for her scalloped cage. She was noisy. She especially liked grabbing her mirror toys and acting as if she was going to rip them from the bars. Good times…

This is when Simon entered the picture. They’re social animals, so maybe she was lonely. We brought home a male parakeet. Nope. She was just bossy and annoying. Poor Simon.

They did end up getting along. But the noise. And the mess.

Oh, and remember too, we have cats? Cats love parakeets. The cage had to be hung from the ceiling. But at some point in the renovation process they moved upstairs to a bedroom. One day Connor and Waylen accidentally got locked in the bedroom. After a crash, much yelling, and retrieving a bird from a cat calm was restored and the humans were worn out.

Something in the last week had changed and the birds were getting progressively louder and more annoying. One day it was so bad I put them in the bathroom so I could concentrate.

So a decision was made. They had to go. They were getting no attention. They stayed in a room without people. Cats stared up at their cage at all hours.

Last night they went to go live with a family with kids. We might feel a little guilty.

But we are not bird people and also very happy to see them go.

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