The Heavy by Barefoot Coffee Roasters

I love it when my mailbox smells amazing. Sometimes when I open it I know there’s a package of coffee in there. That was the case with the coffee I’ll be reviewing this month, The Heavy by Barefoot Coffee Roasters.

Barefoot Coffee Roasters is out of Santa Clara, California. They have two websites, but the main consumer facing site seems to be I’m not sure what their logo is a picture of and I looked, but I cannot find anything. It almost looks like part of a coffee roaster, but that’s complete speculation on my part. The back of the bag reads:

Barefoot Coffee Roasters was born from the simple idea of treating coffee as a culinary art. Seasonally fresh and handcrafted in small batches, our coffees burst with wildly intense flavors. 

This coffee was a winner in my book. I went through it faster than I normally do and was sad to see it go. There wasn’t any leftover to try cold brew, but that’s always the sign of a good coffee for me. If there aren’t beans left when my next coffee comes in the mail it’s a good coffee.

The beans were very light colored with patchy tan places and there was very little oil on the beans. The beans themselves had a nutty smell. The tasting notes on the bag are:

Deep, dark and sweet, this coffee bursts with dark chocolate and roasted cacao nibs. Big-bodied, rich and creamy.

It bloomed well in the Chemex. While brewing it had a smell reminiscent of spiced almonds of the sort you’d get at a festival.

The brewed coffee also smelled like almonds, but lost that sweet/spicy smell. The taste was quite smooth with no bitterness. There was a hint of peach in the taste which is odd as there was no mention of fruit at all in the tasting notes.

Brewing it in the French Press was out of the ordinary. The coffee got really frothy when pouring the hot water and I had to wait for the foam to go down before filling it all the way. The only real difference from the Chemex was that the coffee lost some of its natural sweetness. This could be from brewing longer than normal because of the foam.

I had some really good Americanos from this coffee. I’m not sure if that should be attributed to the coffee quality or if I’m getting better with the espresso maker. If you have an espresso maker give it a try!

One thing that stood out about this coffee is that it is a fantastic dessert coffee. I know you read that occasionally, but often I feel like they were extra words to write down that sounded good. This coffee definitely fills that role. Mom and her sister were here making cupcakes with buttercream icing one day and I brewed a pot of The Heavy while they were decorating them. The two complemented each other amazingly. I was drinking the coffee black and the coffee cut the sweetness of the buttercream and the buttercream enhanced the natural sweetness of the coffee. (And now I want more of this coffee and a cupcake…)

This coffee sells for $1.62 an ounce in 12 oz. bags when you factor in shipping for a total of $19.40. That’s fairly high for a 12 oz. bag, but the quality of the coffee was above average, so I feel it’s acceptable.

This coffee would make a great gift or a great addition to a dinner party for dessert…but that’s only if you need an excuse.

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