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Noble Coyote Huehuetenango La Basa

First off I have no idea how to correctly pronounce the variety of this coffee. In my head it sounds pretty. Correct? Probably not! Noble Coyote Coffee Roasters are based out of Dallas, Texas. Their name has interesting roots. A coyote is a middleman who buys coffee from farmers. Noble Coyote wanted to be ethical […]

2018 Clinton County Fair

I visited the 2018 Clinton County Fair last night. I don’t spend as much time at the fair as I’d like to with my work schedule, but I always try to visit at least one day. Monday was probably a little early to go, but I still got to pet some cute animals and eat […]

Speckled Axe Early Riser

For January I am reviewing Speckled Axe Early Riser out of Portland, Maine. Speckled Axe wood roasts their beans which is an interesting twist. You can read more about it on their website. There was no branding on the bag other than the icon they use for the variety on their website and “Early Riser” […]

Pilcrow Coffee Storyteller Blend

For the month of October I’m reviewing Pilcrow Coffee Storyteller Blend. This coffee was hit or miss with me, but once I found the sweet spot for brewing I fell in love.   Pilcrow Coffee has simple packaging with white foil coffee bags with custom printed stickers. It’s a nice clean look with white and […]

Holy Schmidt Guatemala Chichen

This month I’m reviewing Holy Schmidt Guatemala Chichen out of Irvine, California. The name is a play on the owners’ name. The back of the bag has a sticker with lots of information. It tells you that the coffee is from a farm called Chichen in Guatemala. It tells you the coffee variety (caturra) and […]

Ritual Coffee La Folie Caturra

My apologies for missing a coffee review last month (and pretty much everything else). We had a pretty major family event and things got sidelined for a bit. However, this month I’m reviewing a really good coffee.  If you listened to the limited episode podcast “Containers” you will have heard of Ritual Coffee. I mentioned […]

Sometimes You Have To Make Hard Choices

Sometimes living with animals you have to make hard choices. In the past month our flock of laying hens had become very dissatisfied with each other and life in general. They bickered, they were loud, they fought over the same two nesting boxes (out of 15!), many were missing feathers due to picking, and two of our hens […]

DIY Rock Bucket

If you have rich, black dirt on your property you’re a lucky person. We’re not so lucky in the main place that we plant. A lot of our property has soil with a high clay content and is filled with rocks–big and small. Today’s blog post is going to show you how to make a […]

The Heavy by Barefoot Coffee Roasters

I love it when my mailbox smells amazing. Sometimes when I open it I know there’s a package of coffee in there. That was the case with the coffee I’ll be reviewing this month, The Heavy by Barefoot Coffee Roasters. Barefoot Coffee Roasters is out of Santa Clara, California. They have two websites, but the main […]