These are some of the items that we keep in our pantry or refrigerator at all times.


In our kitchen we use four kinds of salt. Yes, four! Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Maldon Sea Salt, Kosher Salt, and Morton Iodized Salt. Himalayan Pink Sea Salt is said to have health benefits due to the minerals that give it its pink color. Maldon Sea Salt looks pretty on homemade treats like caramels. Kosher salt we use in canning and for roast chickens. There’s always a shaker of Morton Salt, because well, there just is–this is the midwest after all.


Haitian Perrier Vanilla


We have a friend who travels to Haiti often and brings back vanilla. This isn’t like your McCormick vanilla. It’s dark and rich. It isn’t pure vanilla, but who cares–if you taste this you won’t go back.

365 Half & Half, Light Cream, and Heavy Cream


The 365 brand is the Whole Foods private label. There are no additives in these dairy products such as carageenan. It is also “Pasteurized” in lieu of “Ultra-Pasteurized”. It’s the closest thing you can get to raw dairy in Ohio short of owning your own cow.