Creating something good takes time, but we’re working diligently on making Rusty Fox Farm the place we want it to be. Below you’ll find some of the things we’re currently doing (but would like to grow!), some short term goals, and our big picture dreams!


  • Participating in Christmas Around Sabina Town
  • Giving Talks on herbs, vegetable gardening, flower gardening, raising chickens, etc. (we would like to expand this if anyone needs a speaker for an event)
  • Doing “intro” classes to different crafts (we have done papercrafting and embroidery, but have a wide range of knowledge)
  • Selling Eggs

Bike Trail Goals:

  • Offer drinks for riders at low or no cost
  • Offer air compressor
  • Keep a limited amount of inner tubes and universal bicycle accessories for issues while on the trail.

Agricultural Goals:

  • Create a U-Pick pumpkin patch with photo opportunities for families
  • Produce enough fruits and vegetables to set up at local farmer’s markets
  • Hold a Farmer’s Market at the farm

Big Dreams:

  • Food truck or small cafe
  • Coffee shop
  • Year round shop with seasonal and every day home decor and garden art

Building Goals:

  • 10×20 Greenhouse
  • Root Cellar
  • Garage with overhead loft for teaching classes