Coffee is an important part of every day life at the farm.

We use a variety of brewing methods and have a lot of specialty equipment

Each month we do a coffee review, but we try and keep it down to earth.



We have both the 6 and 8 cup verisons of this stylish glass pourover brewer. It was developed in 1942 and still has the same stylish look

French Press

Our French Press is an 8 cup, stainless steel model by Bonjour. It is a simple entry point into the world of coffee and was our first non-drip brewer.

Espresso Maker

The espresso maker we use is the Capresso EC100 machine. It’s an entry level machine but we are really happy with the quality of coffee it pulls.


Burr grinders are what you need for uniform grounds. The one we use is the Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder.


Gooseneck kettles give you great accuracy for pourover coffee. We have the Fino Gooseneck Kettles in the 4 1/2 cup and 6 cup sizes.

Coffee Reviews

Coffee VarietyOriginCost Per OunceFull Review
Barefoot Coffee Roasters The HeavyGuatemala$1.62/oz.Read Full Review
Black Rifle Just BlackCentral America/Colombia$1.47/oz.Read Full Review
Chromatic Coffee La VirgenColombia$1.56/oz.Read Full Review
Death Wish Coffee Co.India/Peru$1.62/oz.Read Full Review
Holy Schmidt Guatemala ChichenGuatemala$1.67/oz.Read Full Review
Pilcrow Storyteller BlendBrazil/Burundi/Guatemala$1.83/oz.Read Full Review
Ritual Coffee La Folie CaturraGuatemala$2.02/oz.Read Full Review
Speckled Axe Early RiserAmericas/East Africa$1.50/oz.Read Full Review
Timeless Coffee Las AnimasEl Salvador$1.67/oz.Read Full Review
Verve Buena VistaLatin America$1.25/oz.Read Full Review
Noble Coyote Huehuetenango La BasaGuatemala$1.92/oz.Read Full Review