How To Cut A Pineapple

What’s your experience with pineapple? Pale fruit from a can? Those hard chunks of pineapple you find at salad bars? A fresh, ripe pineapple has a unique flavor you won’t find in a can. In this post I’m going to teach you how to cut a pineapple so you can enjoy the flavor at home!

The first step is to pick your pineapple at the store. Most pineapples are sold when they are green with hints of yellow–and while the tag or sign might say they are ready to eat, they are not. You want to pick a pineapple that has no bruising or soft spots. The more yellow it is, the closer it is to being ready to cut.

When you bring your pineapple home, just sit it on the counter. The pineapple will not ripen anymore, technically, but the texture of the fruit will change. Putting it in the refrigerator will slow down the process and cutting it now will stop it completely. Each day check the pineapple to see that it is turning more and more yellow and brown. As the days go on it will start to smell sweet and give a little when gently pressed. It’s at this point that it is ready to cut.

First step. Cut the top off. This is trash or compost. Or for a fun experiment, plant it in some dirt. It will root and if you’re lucky grow a new pineapple.

At this point I should mention the knife I am using. It is a Pampered Chef Bread Knife. (The knife they now sell is green. I’m not sure why, but it looks like the same knife.) We use this knife for so much. It’s not as heavy as our Henckels knives, but the fact that we keep two in our knife drawer should say something for its usefulness.

Next step: cut the bottom off. Again, this is trash or compost.

Next you are going to “peel” the sides off. I find this works best if you sit the pineapple on one of the flat sides you created and run the knife down the sides. You are going to cut off more skin than something like an apple. The skin of a pineapple is hard and not good to eat so you want to be sure you take it all off.

After you get the big portions of skin off you’ll want to trim any spots you might have missed.

At this point you are going to cut the core out. The core is hard and inedible on its own. The method I use is to make four cuts to remove the edible fruit. You’ll end up with pieces that look like this:

First you make a cut close to the core, turn it 90º make another cut, turn it 90º make another cut, turn it 90º make another cut, and you’re left with a square core (the piece furthest to the left). The core is trash, compost, or you could use it for smoothies or juice.

Now take each side and cut it into 1″ wide strips.

Take those strips and cut them into 1″ cubes.

You can store the pineapple in the refrigerator for about a week depending on ripeness. If your house is like ours though, this one lasted two days. I hope this helps if you did not know how to cut a pineapple!

My favorite way to enjoy pineapple is served with cottage cheese. It’s refreshing on a hot summer day. I’d love to hear your favorite way to enjoy pineapple.

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