It’s too cold to get much done.

It’s too cold to get much done outside, so things have been pretty slow around the farm this week. Letting the dogs in and out is enough of the cold as I want to experience, but at least for the most part the skies have been blue and the sun has been shining. I started a new sock with Patons Kroy Stretch which is no longer made (but I still highly recommend Patons Kroy as a whole). I was working on my February planner pages and got out my collection of Washi tape to try a new storage solution, it didn’t work out though, so I’ll keep looking. Gurney and Durbin (the dogs) both took a trip to the vet for their yearly appointments and to check on Gurney’s leg. The vet thinks he just banged it up and time will have to heal it. Dad started building a closet in the front living room-like all old houses this one has very little storage. Mom has worked on setting up kits for Christmas Around Sabina Town. Tomorrow we’re heading to Dayton to do grocery shopping and to visit a couple thrift stores-that should help the cabin fever!

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