Supersonic Coffee Review

This month I’ll be doing a Supersonic Coffee review of two of their varieties.

This coffee was all about the presentation. The bags are custom printed foil (inside and out). The coffee ordered was Alto De La Cruz. They also sent a sample of Kathakwa and a handwritten note.

Supersonic Coffee Alto De La Cruz

The Alto De La Cruz originates from Cauca, Colombia. At the Supersonic website you can download “dossiers” for each of their coffees. The tasting notes say it should have the flavors of Fuji apple, raspberry, and elegant. I’m not sure how elegant is a flavor, but all right. The dossiers also have a short story about where the beans are grown.

The coffee was very fragrant when the bag was opened. I brewed in both the Chemex and the pourover. It had a great bloom. While brewing the scent was reminiscent of apples cooking.

I had read that if your tasting notes say the coffee tastes like something you should get that thing and try them together. Fuji apples are easy to get so I bought some and tried it with the coffee. Whether it was my imagination or not, I do believe I could taste the similarities.

I tasted no bitterness in this coffee and it was quite enjoyable hot and iced.

Supersonic Coffee Kathakwa

The sample coffee that was sent originated in Kirinyaga, Kenya. I had mixed feelings about this from the start as it’s an African coffee and generally not my thing. Brewing it increased my doubts as it had no bloom. It was very orange after brewed which is another red flag for me.

But you know what? It was a good coffee. The tasting notes said it should have flavors of candied apple, kumquat, and complex. (Again, complex is not a flavor…) It was really sweet like candy, but there was no added sugar. I’ve never had a candied apple and I didn’t feel like it tasted like citrus so I’m not sure about that.

I often sit with a cup of coffee for half a day and reheat it a couple times. The coffee fresh out of the Chemex had no bitterness. The longer it sat it got a nice, nutty taste. Once it got cold it turned bitter and sticking it in the microwave didn’t revive it.

I had just a bit of each of these coffees left and I mixed them together when we went camping this past weekend. It held up really well in the enameled percolator. It had a nutty taste with no bitterness. (That was at a 10 minute perc with the basket filled slightly more than half.)

Final Thoughts

This really was good coffee and I’d gladly drink it again. This was a gift, but for these reviews I look up prices. The Supersonic comes in 300g bags which translates to 10.6 ounces. The prices run $18-$20. That is expensive coffee. When I pointed this out to the gift giver (our friendship is comfortable enough to talk about such things without it being tacky) he was annoyed, but then again, he always thinks he’s buying a pound of coffee. Beside the point. Neither of us-a coffee drinker and a non-coffee drinker thought it was worth the pound per ounce.

I feel like the cost is partly paying for the fancy packaging and I’d rather have a normal coffee bag with a sticker. Recently I spoke with someone who raved about Supersonic and I asked their opinion on this and they said they felt it was part of the package deal-specialty coffee and fancy packaging. I do not share that opinion, but to each his own.

If you’re wanting a special gift for someone that shows attention to detail this might be a good way to go. If you’re looking for a good cup of every day coffee this may not be it.

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