Fiesta Tent Sale in Columbus, Ohio

Last year I started buying Fiesta dishes around the time Homer Laughlin announced they were having a tent sale in Columbus, Ohio. Their tent sales feature their dishes with slight flaws at extremely discounted prices. I spent a year anticipating their second sale in Columbus. I even took the day off again from work.

Then. I sprained my ankle–and spent a week debating whether or not I could hop around with a wheeled scooter. Then. I found out I broke my ankle–and spent a week debating whether I could hobble around in my walking boot long enough to pick out dishes. I decided I could.

I just wanted some pieces to add to my collection. I didn’t really need anything. Mom had decided to get Fiesta for the farm and she’d debated for weeks about what color to get. She came to the realization they made white and fell in love with it.

We left the house at 6:00am with one brief stop at the Starbucks Drive Thru. Traffic was smooth and we arrived at 7:10am. The line was already halfway around the building. The show wasn’t supposed to start until 8:30, but they started letting people in at 7:40–and the craziness began!

Since I was working with a handicap, Mom went off to the main dishes to see what was available in white while I moved slower through the aisles. I started with the serving pieces, moved on to random things I wanted, then I too searched for white dishes.

Crazy. People. Some people were really friendly. Some people were not. The not so friendly people were not there last year that I came in contact with. Once you got yourself a space by a crate of dishes you’d search through them piece by piece until you found one with flaws you could live with. Last year when we showed up we realized how inexperienced we were as people wiped the dishes with gloves, towels, and socks they had brought with them. We came prepared this year–and it really made a big difference!

Once we had everything we wanted we headed to the checkout line. Look at that selfie! We’re very inexperienced at selfies.

This is the difference between my taste and mom’s taste.

Mom’s Cart:

My Cart:

The white plates were actually hers and the bowls I bought for her birthday.

We got ushered into the express lane. The worker looked at our carts and said, “Close enough,” even though we were both well over twenty items. We didn’t argue though!

At home we unpacked everything. Mom had a lot more dishes, but she was replacing all of her dishes. The farm dishes had been purchased in 2000 and many were chipped and the sets incomplete along with so many mismatched mugs.

I’m in love with the pink pieces. I only found three, but I think I’ll pick up some more even if I have to pay a little more. They’ll be great for spring photo shoots.

Mom’s dishes are washed and in the cabinet, mine need packed back up to take home.

Visiting the Fiesta Tent Sale in Columbus, Ohio:

The show goes on through Sunday, September 18 and if you’re interested in Fiesta I’d really suggest you go check it out. You can find the times and location here. If you go be sure to take something to wipe off the dishes, they’ll be dusty and dirty.

Some example prices are:

  • Dinner Plates $2.50
  • Salad Plates $1.50
  • Java Mug $2.25
  • Large Disc Pitcher $7.50
  • Butter Dish & Lid $13.00
  • Gusto Bowls $2.50

If you visit, share your experience in the comments!


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