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Death Wish Coffee

This month I’ll be reviewing Death Wish Coffee. It’s advertised as the world’s strongest coffee. The packaging was pretty enjoyable and they sent a free sticker! I ended up with two bags of coffee because of a mistake when ordering. I got both a bag of whole beans and a bag of pre-ground. They came packaged […]

2/5/2017 Etsy Shop Update

If you’re looking for some holiday decorations you’ll find new Easter items in our Etsy shop! These little rabbit ornaments are just too cute and the cheerful prints are a nice change from winter! If you don’t go for bright colors and glitter these distressed primitive Easter eggs are perfect! Visit our Etsy shop for more […]

Winter Knitting

I haven’t done a ton of knitting since Christmas due to laying the floor in the addition at the farm, but I’m hoping to start being more productive. I have a couple projects on the needles and I’m planning a couple more. My first chore is to darn most of my socks. The unfinished floors at […]

Clean Eating: Poultry Broth

A few weeks ago mom and I were shopping and we needed chicken broth–we had used all of our frozen broth for Thanksgiving. I started reading labels and was amazed at what I was reading. So today we’re talking about clean eating: poultry broth. I mostly shop at Kroger and these are the ingredients in […]

Timeless Coffee El Salvador Las Animas

This month I’m reviewing Timeless Coffee El Salvador Las Animas. This coffee was really enjoyable and I actually carried it back and forth from my house to the farm most of the month. I love their packaging. It reminds me of the book covers of my current favorite author (Paolo Bacigalupi). There are metallic accents […]

New Project: Wind Power

For Christmas I was gifted a 50 Watt Wind Turbine from Sundance Solar. Wind Power is something I have wanted to experiment with for awhile. Twice a year I have to drive out to Fort Wayne, Indiana for work and I am fascinated with the fields of turbines. I do not find them to be […]

Verve Coffee Roasters Buena Vista Dark Roast

This month I’m reviewing Verve Coffee Roasters Buena Vista Dark Roast. This roaster is based out of Santa Cruz, California and believe in fairtrade as well as knowing the farms their beans come from. Their site has “brew bytes” with brewing information for multiple coffee brewing systems which is a really nice touch. I followed […]

Roasted Pureed Pumpkin

It’s pumpkin season! Pumpkin Pie. Pumpkin Roll. Pumpkin Cookies. Pumpkin Bread. Pumpkin Muffins. And what’s the base for all those things? Roasted Pureed Pumpkin of course! It’s surprisingly easy to make and since you can make it ahead of time it doesn’t add yet another thing to your holiday dinner checklist. Pumpkin pie pumpkins are […]

2016 Christmas Open House

Thanks to everyone who showed up and supported us at Christmas Around Sabina Town! We have decided to open up the sale this Saturday as well to anyone who might not have had a chance to come out or who want to come shop again! Hope to see you here!